But You Say He’s Just A Friend

I don’t believe in platonic relationships between opposite sexes. This pertains to new friends, not friends you’ve known since you were a child. Once you’re in your 30’s, your “friend” of the opposite sex has a tendency of becoming a bit more attractive, there’s a little more sexual tension and some jealousy transpires. I don’t have ANY “friends” that are male. It’s been my experience that males who I thought were my friends, at some point confessed they wanted to become romantically involved with me or I wanted to with them (lol, I’m no angel.) Thing is, it never seems to work out. While you were friends, you talked about people you’ve met, situations you’ve been in and relationships formed. This gives the person a preconceived notion of who you are and what you are capable of, in a relationship. These notions are then all that person thinks about when you become involved romantically and it’s held against you. I personally feel like friends shouldn’t become lovers and lovers can’t become friends. Once you’ve had sex, you’ve relinquished your relationship as friends. After sex, you’ve crossed a line of no return.

I could be wrong.


What do you think?

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