Pu$$y is Power

When I was 13, my uncle told me this. He was a pimp at the time, so I didn’t take anything he said seriously, considering how he treated woman. Besides, if woman were so powerful, how was he able to use and abuse them?! It didn’t make sense to me at the time but his statement was true. I know now what he meant.

Woman have the ability to get what they want, when they want and how they want.Woman control most situations. When (good) men see a woman with a need, they aim to fulfill that need. Whether it be mentally, emotionally, physically or financially, men want to please woman and it’s because of all that woman are. Men want to be appreciated by woman because a woman’s appreciation can be expressed until the end of time.

Unfortunately, since the beginning of time, woman have used whats between their legs to show gratitude. What they have not realized is this depreciates their value. If you’re giving your vag away for a night out on the town or a few dollars, what does that say about the value you see in yourself?!? You must not think your vag is worth that much if you’re giving it away so easily. And you can’t expect a man to give you control over anything when you show such low standards. Men feel they need to control or “guide” a woman like this because she doesn’t seem to make good decisions for herself.

There are also woman who withhold the vag. These woman have accumulated interest in their vag by making potential partners invest time and attention in them. Showing their standards to be higher, they gain control of the situation. The situation is in their hands now and whatever they decide, will be. Men are confident in giving a woman like this control of the situation because they are convinced that the woman knows what she is doing. And are more likely to be supportive in her decisions.

When you give your pu$$y power away too easily, it’s kind of like you are giving away your control of a situation. You see the prostitutes my uncle was dealing with gave their pu$$y power away too easily.  They couldn’t control their daily lives, my uncle had to do so for them. They are now gone and forgotten. But if we value and hold onto our pu$$y power and use it for good; there will be nothing that can stop us and men will finally admit the power of the pu$$y is undeniable.


4 thoughts on “Pu$$y is Power

  1. I whole heartedly agree with you up until your last sentence. Men (and I use that term loosely) most certainly know the true uncomprehentional power of vagina!

    It simply boils down to this simple statement.

    “It’s a man’s job to respect a woman, it is the woman’s duty to give him something to respect.” ~ anonymous

    We as a people do what we are allotted. Meaning, we get away with what the “person/victim” allows to be done!

    Being a father to a queen in the making this is a double edge sword for me. Having fallen victim to the immeasurable powers of vagina as well as preying on the weakness of said vagina. My fears are that my queen will fall victim to a boy; that I once was. Ultimately becoming my karma!

    My name is Jai and I approve this message ::drops mic, ting::


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