Human Nature

I believe, it’s unnatural to be monogamous. Think about it, the energy you feel when you are attracted to someone is almost like an animal attraction. There doesn’t have to be any words exchanged, that energy alone is enough to know that person is into you. And this can happen anytime, anywhere with anyone. It’s unpredictable.

When the strength of that energy starts to diminish with one person, we begin to become interested in other things. Newer, interesting, more attractive things (and when I say things, I mean people lol) and we begin the cycle with someone new. The possibility of this happening is also unpredictable.

When two people share that initial energy (the animal attraction,) and one of those people begins to have that attraction with someone besides their partner, their partner starts to feel the shift in energy and starts to question what is going on. Think about it, when you are in a relationship and you are being cheated on, you almost know it. It’s hard to explain but there is a feeling you get (instinct, if you will) that tells you to question the relationship. Which leads to you looking trough your partners phone, popping up at their job, placing GPS devices in their car and/or phone, etc.

Another reason I don’t think monogamy is natural is because (in my experiences) even when a person proven to be cheating on their partner, the person who is cheated on is willing to forgive the cheater and continue with the relationship. What is the point of setting an expectation for relationships, that everyone is supposed to abide by, but when a person does not meet that expectation, they are still given the privileges of someone that does. It’s like stating a rule and telling people not to break it but when people do break it, there’s not many consequences for it. And I am not here to victim shame, the cheater dosen’t stay guilty for long either! What’s the saying? Once a cheater, always a cheater. Like it’s thier way of being and you either accept it or don’t.

I know a lot of people in relationships, I don’t know many of them to be faithful. And for those who seem to be faithful, I would like to believe they are.If cheating is so wrong, why are people willing to forgive it so easily?

So when I say it’s human nature to be attracted to people other than our partners, I’m talking about the energy and instincts we experience so naturally through this process. Just on some Brilliant Idiot 💩 ✌🏽️


What do you think?

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