Incredibly Self Aware

On one hand…

I judge. I put my two cents in. I interrupt people while their talking. I gossip (minimally.) I cut people out of my life at the drop of a dime. I’m impatient. I shut down when I’m upset. I stress over little things. I have an ill attitude. I suffer from “Resting Bitch Face.”

On the other hand…

I’m kind. I care. I’m affectionate. I appreciate you. I’m empathetic. I’m driven. I’m honest. I’m independent. I’m dependable. I’m trustworthy. I’m loyal. My word is my bond. I don’t feed into nonsense.

And, if I care about you, you’ll see all of the above traits at some point in time in our relationship (please feel free to add anything I may have missed lol.) I know myself – good, bad and ugly. Keep in mind, The Lord ain’t done with me yet so bare with me.