She Got Nerve



Okay, so my friend invites me to her wedding and when she’s telling me about it over the phone, I was super excited and couldn’t wait to be there on her big day. A few days later, I receive the invite in the mail and this card is included with the invite (I have blocked certain info for identity purposes.) A rush of emotions went through me, I was shocked, confused and offended. I already have to buy a dress, might have to buy shoes, do my hair, get my nails done and get to your wedding (all these things require me spending money.) Now you have the nerve to request a gift of your choice, which is monetary?!?!? You got nerve. You better take what I give you as a gift.

See this, made me decide it was just too expensive to attend this wedding. But I wish them the best of luck and pray their union is forever. Girl Bye!



2 thoughts on “She Got Nerve

  1. Not wrong at ALL. She’s selfish and has a sense of entitlement. I would go and NOTBRING ANYTHING just because.


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