I seldom feel inspired


My mind has been foggy lately. There is so much going on in the world, it makes me restless. There is so much I want to do to help better people’s lives but I feel like that is impossible but I know it is possible. I have this voice inside of me that screams every time I witness an injustice but my mouth says nothing and I continue on with my day and tell myself “mind my own business, this has nothing to do with you.” But it does have something to do with me. I realized that I care about other people deeply enough to want to look out for them. In order to make energy a little less awkward, tense and aggressive and a bit more comfortable, productive and cohesive. I want “positive vibes only” lol. I want people to feel more like one unit (the human race) and less like war opponents. 

We are all made of the same cells, we may not be created equally but we are created uniquely. And instead of using what makes us different from one another to collaborate and create change, we simply ostracize each other. Let’s  focus on how alike we are and build on that feeling of understanding. I don’t believe any man/woman has the right to take the life of another man/woman because theirs can be taken just as easily. Therefore, we are all created equal. No matter religion, ethnicity, skin color, beliefs or sexual preference. People are so afraid of being themselves for fear that they will be treated negatively. That’s not what we are here for. We were created to grow, prosper and prepare the world for the next generation. We argue over the dumbest things so how could we focus long enough to fix bigger issues?!

There is so much hate in this world and the violence is nightmarish. I fear for the next generation because things have been bad in this world while I was growing up and I’ve only seen things are getting worse.  It scares me. And still, all I do is scream in my head about things I cannot accomplish. So I thought for a while about what I would tell the human race, if given the opportunity; and I came up with,”We are the top of the food chain,if things are going to change, it’s going to be up to US to get it done. No excuses.” And changing things for the better is something I know we CAN do.

P.S. I know I’ve been away for a long time but this is like my online journal that the world can see. I’m thankful to have such an outlet where I am exposed to so many and have no idea who you are but I appreciate you, whoever you are.

She Got Nerve



Okay, so my friend invites me to her wedding and when she’s telling me about it over the phone, I was super excited and couldn’t wait to be there on her big day. A few days later, I receive the invite in the mail and this card is included with the invite (I have blocked certain info for identity purposes.) A rush of emotions went through me, I was shocked, confused and offended. I already have to buy a dress, might have to buy shoes, do my hair, get my nails done and get to your wedding (all these things require me spending money.) Now you have the nerve to request a gift of your choice, which is monetary?!?!? You got nerve. You better take what I give you as a gift.

See this, made me decide it was just too expensive to attend this wedding. But I wish them the best of luck and pray their union is forever. Girl Bye!


The Walking Dead

I saw a dead body today. I was on my way downtown with my headphones on, music blasting. I saw people looking at something but it didn’t interest me what they were focused on. Then I heard a loud scream, I looked in the direction of the scream and saw a body laying on the tracks on the uptown side, face down in a puddle of blood. Naked from the waist down, both legs amputated and thrown on the tracks.

I’ve always wondered what it would feel like to see a dead body, outside of a funeral. It was something crazy. I was in shock. Could hardly breath and was stuck. I jumped on the next train that came just to get away from the madness.

I started to cry as I thought of how the body might have ended up there, how he/she died and the blatant disrespect people were showing the body. People were calling for police (who took forever to get there,) pulling out their phones to take pictures of the pieces and the train approaching the body (it stopped about 5 ft from it.)

I’m very much aware of our loss of value for life but I didn’t realize our value for the dead is just as low. That was somebody, with a life, a family and a story. All that body meant now was a train delay 😔