You Can’t Help Who U Love

I had lunch with a friend today and she brought up Gay Marriage being legalized in the U.S. She talked about being against the decision (which I took as misunderstanding on her part,) and she stated that this was a sign the world was going to end. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not sure just how serious she was… but to say things like that, kidding or not; IS NOT COOL. You can not relate to something, you know nothing about. You can’t offer your input on anything without experiencing it yourself. If you are heterosexual, does that mean you should be treated differently than homosexuals, bisexuals or transgender individuals?!?!? If you answered yes to this question, you’re wrong. That a form of segregation, which we did away with long ago! We are all human and should all be treated equally. If you have any questions or concerns about the LGBTQ community, I suggest you become educated because there can be no progress with ignorance. We all deserve the right to be miserable in holy matrimony. And if you don’t like it, Oh Well!


7 thoughts on “You Can’t Help Who U Love

  1. It’s damned sad commentary on people’s priorities that they think gay rights means the end of the world. So many more serious issues with real harms out there, …some of them actually quite threatening to the world in which we live.


    • I agree! Sexual orientation or gender identification does not pose any threat to anyone or anything. We should all be free to be who we want to be without the pressure of societies “norms” determining if we are treated fairly or not. Ugh!


  2. If you don’t want to see that we are living in the last days, it is because you don’t want to see. Everything the bible said would come to pass is coming to pass. I would rather believe in God and die and find out there isn’t one, then not believe and die and find out there is. The bible says men would give in to strange flesh (homosexuality) hearts would wax cold. Talks about the crazy weather. The increased violence. The persecution of Christians. The disrespect of elders. The dreams and the visions. The fire of God falling upon all flesh. Wars and rumours of wars. The bible talks about it all, and it says to watch for these signs because when you start to see them you know Jesus is soon to return.

    I have family n friends that are super gay n I love them to death. As a kid I went to bible school and remembering what I learned n seeing what’s happening worries me a lot.

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    • By no means am I saying that this is about an argument whether God exists or not. I believe in God and I love him. God also says you should love everyone. All I’m saying is, who are we to judge?! Let’s leave the judging to God because no other judgement matters.


  3. I hope this friend is joking but I you can never be sure of what other people’s true feelings are its sad that at this age and time some still have these views but then again some white people still believe the world would be a better place if it was still racially segregated so I’m not shocked, but ashamed that people still have to fight to prove they are equal and should be treated as such. To each is own but if the world is ending I’m sure there is more to it than waving the rainbow flag!


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