🗣 Exterminate all the Brutes

Go watch this right now!!! THIS is history, the story they don’t teach us or don’t want us to know. I never understood where racism came from and who decided the hierarchy of human beings. This documentary explains in great detail, the history of this world and the birth of white supremacy. And how these white supremacists were encouraged by their governments and churches to divide and conquer.


HBO, you real for this one.

Wild Things

I went to the zoo a few weeks ago. Doesn’t matter why I was there, point is, I went. Once there I became excited to see the animals. Once I saw them, I realized that the zoo is jail for animals! It made me question why we have zoos’? They suck. I mean, put yourself in the animal’s position; how would you feel if someone kidnapped you from your home with tons of free, open space where you could do what you want, when you want, with nobody messing with you (as nature intended) and placed you in a small room against your will so people could admire you. You would think it sucked too. I saw a polar bear, a tiger and some bison. And the fact that they are unhappy is apparent in their demeanor. They all looked like something was missing. They just looked over the crowd looking at them. Probably thinking what they would do to us if we didn’t have a barrier between them and us. I don’t know if it’s just me but it felt unnatural for me to be in the same vicinity as these animals. Thinking about National Geographic and the Discovery Channel and shows I’ve seen about these animals in the wild, replaying in my mind and seeing them face to face, was a huge difference. It was sad and disappointing. It killed my vibe and I left within 30 minutes of arriving. Blah.