Pussy is a trap.

You’ve been warned.


Scammers Beware

(Whispers in ear) I think they’re on to you. 😂


I agree. I’d rather give you money, than have body contact with you.

Faith is Beautiful 

IMG_1367IMG_1376I looked out of the window, onto a construction site and saw a man praying. I was so surprised, intrigued, proud and compelled. My first thought was, “why is this man kneeling on the dirty ground?” I then realized his shoes were off and he was praying. I became overwhelmed with emotion, noting that it was amazing to see the faith of a human being demonstrated in such a dedicated way. Amongst all the debris, he simply chose a spot to pray, and did so in the most eloquent way. It was beautiful. FAITH is beautiful, no matter the one you choose.


StatsI just want to take this opportunity to thank all of my followers and visitors. Every state, country and continent, I appreciate each and every one of you. Thank you for your support XOXOXOX



YellowCupcake 😊

My Screenshot

This is my screenshot. It’s my lock screen and it’s things that I want to keep in mind on a daily basis. It’s purpose is to keep me positive and focused. It’s said that if you are reminded of your goals daily, you are more likely to accomplish them. We’ll see what happens 😁.

I often wonder what others screensaver’s signify. It’s kind of invasive but at least I can admit to my faults.