🗣 Exterminate all the Brutes

Go watch this right now!!! THIS is history, the story they don’t teach us or don’t want us to know. I never understood where racism came from and who decided the hierarchy of human beings. This documentary explains in great detail, the history of this world and the birth of white supremacy. And how these white supremacists were encouraged by their governments and churches to divide and conquer.


HBO, you real for this one.

You May Want A Little Background Info…

I was born April 1984 in The Bronx, New York. I had a pretty normal childhood, full of great memories. My teenage years were full of rebellion. I experimented with drugs and with crime. I was arrested when I was 18 years old and spending a weekend in Central Bookings was a wake up call for me. I was not about that street life. I decided to go to college and lead an honest life. Once I turned my life around and started living honestly, I realized that what comes around definitely goes around. I went through several situations that were eye-opening to the fact that you can not put negative out into the universe and expect nothing in return. It will catch up to you, sooner or later.

After graduating from BMCC with an Associates degree in Business Management. I started working for a non-profit foster care agency. I then I went to Lehman for my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. I’m considering going back for my Master’s degree but I’m not sure what my major would be.

I am now at a point in my life where I’d like to be a Counselor or Therapist of some kind. Lots of people volunteer information to me and I believe a big part of that is because they trust me. I take trust very seriously, now. Before I would gossip and tell people’s business and the drama would begin. I Hate Drama. It’s negaitive energy and its wack. So I made the decision to take people trusting me with information, very seriously. My trust has been betrayed a number of times over the years and by numerous people. That’s even more drama, so you can imagine how those situations went.

In saying that, I find it hard to trust people with MY personal business and so I thought, screw it!; I’ll let the whole world know how I feel and what I’m thinking.

I’ve decided to expose myself (mentally and emotionally) that is.