I Appreciate You

Shout out to everyone who has ever hurt me. Thank you to everyone who doubted me. Without you, I wouldn’t be as strong as I am today. You prepared me for the callus world we live in. You forced me to develop the self confidence I now have. You forced me to be my own biggest fan.  You made me love myself when I thought it was your love that would make me feel whole. You made me great. I appreciate you.



I go outside and I see people all around me, distracted on their phones, tablets and laptops. I go to work, people are checking timelines. I go to the gym, people are taking selfies. I go a restaurant and people are taking pictures of their meals and drinks. I believe that social networks are the only thing considered “social” anymore. Think about it, what period of time is the longest you’ve gone without checking your social networks? I know people that are constantly on their phones, scrolling, liking and commenting (with lots of emoji’s 😩.)Β  Instead of focusing on whats happening around us in real time, people are too busy checking how many likes they got or who wants to follow them.

Social networks are anything but social. They seclude us. They make us hide behind posts that are usually to attract attention, whether whats in the post is reality or fiction. Posts are misconstrued, subliminal messages are left open for misinterpretation and pictures are misleading.

I have no social network account and consider myself a bit behind on whats going on with my family and friends however, I have much more personal ways of getting in contact with them and catching up with whats going on in their lives; phone calls, texts, family gatherings, in my opinion, these are all better than looking at a timeline on a screen and commenting for the world to see. My relationships don’t need to be validated by titles and links on FB. I don’t have to prove I’m happy with my man by posting pics for people to see. And I don’t need to prove my life is fulfilling, I just need to live it.