Land of Opportunity

America does not value melanin, it values money 💰

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As someone who was born and raised in the Bronx in the 80’s, this is what I grew up in. Sometimes I think it’s why I’m so rough, anxious, untrusting and doubtful of the government in this country. I used to look at other places around the world and I used to think, how could these people be in such positions of power?!? As I got older I began to see our country’s political and judicial systems as they were, an excuse to further their agendas while minorities went under.

Sometimes I wonder if it will ever change. If we will ever feel justice served, empathy and compassion from those who enforced segregation and judgement. They don’t care about us, they never have. I don’t want to lose hope but I’ve been seeing this happen for so long and it happens for so long before I was born. I have little doubt it will end before I die. This world is messed up and I hope things change because they should. My grandmother experienced racism, my mom experienced racism and now I’ve experienced racism. They things I’ve witnessed are despicable, where is the accountability for these people inflicting pain and trauma?! Will they ever take responsibility for their actions or will we continue to live together until the next time they feel like abusing and exploiting us as a people?!? I’m so tired. So many people don’t know the truth. The information is out there.


Companies are really capitalizing on Black History Month in 2021.

It better be genuine. Put that money into the Black Communities you are claiming to support. That is all.

I’m just sayin 🤷🏻‍♀️

Let’s not rule out…

2021 might be the deluxe version of 2020.

Can’t Take Those Coins With You

Money is powerful but it’s not everything (to me.) Where I’m from, people live check to check and if they have no idea when that next check is coming, things can get ugly. But in the same breath, they spend their money on things they don’t really need, like the latest sneakers, shoes, purses, clothes or cars – which they can’t afford. I’m amazed and baffled by it all. Why do people with no money want to come off like they have money?! If you don’t have it, make due with what you have because you are going to go broke just to prove a point, you big dummy. You can walk around in $200 sneakers but if you don’t have money in your pocket for the bus or to buy some food, what good are those sneakers?!?

I learned that money is really not that important in my life. I mean, it buys things and helps me pay my bills. But what I’m saying is when I die, nobody’s going to remember how much money I had or how much I spent or what I brought them. We can’t take anything with us when we die. What people will be left with is the memories we created, the stories we told, secrets we shared and bonds we developed. So stop spending money on frivolous things and start investing your time into something that matters because when you really think about it, time is worth so much more than money.