Today my therapist told me…

Nobody owes me anything.

She a real one 🙏🏽

A must see 👀

As someone who was born and raised in the Bronx in the 80’s, this is what I grew up in. Sometimes I think it’s why I’m so rough, anxious, untrusting and doubtful of the government in this country. I used to look at other places around the world and I used to think, how could these people be in such positions of power?!? As I got older I began to see our country’s political and judicial systems as they were, an excuse to further their agendas while minorities went under.

Sometimes I wonder if it will ever change. If we will ever feel justice served, empathy and compassion from those who enforced segregation and judgement. They don’t care about us, they never have. I don’t want to lose hope but I’ve been seeing this happen for so long and it happens for so long before I was born. I have little doubt it will end before I die. This world is messed up and I hope things change because they should. My grandmother experienced racism, my mom experienced racism and now I’ve experienced racism. They things I’ve witnessed are despicable, where is the accountability for these people inflicting pain and trauma?! Will they ever take responsibility for their actions or will we continue to live together until the next time they feel like abusing and exploiting us as a people?!? I’m so tired. So many people don’t know the truth. The information is out there.


I’m convinced. 🙋🏻‍♀️

The internet is a just a place people can be their judgmental, arrogant, rude, inappropriate selves; without taking accountability for those actions.

🗣 Make Good Choices


Our Girls

I never realized how important it is to instill values into children as early as possible. Growing up, I did well in school and it was often celebrated when I received my report cards and awards at ceremonies; this gave me pride in my education. My opinion was never asked for or listened to, in my household children were seen and not heard; this made me feel like nothing I said or thought mattered to anyone else and caused me to be introverted.  I was never told I was beautiful, so I always felt unworthy of trying to exude beauty; I was a tomboy until I was about 16 years old and wore large clothing to hide my body. When I did start to wear feminine clothing, I received lots of attention. It was nice to finally be acknowledged for something at face value. (I couldn’t wear my academic achievements, so it made me feel good to be recognized as “pretty” for a first impression.) But I didn’t realize that, for some people, the way they look is all that matters and being attractive trumps all. I’ve realized that in the years that I grew up and now, are very different times. I see females showing more of their body, acting provocatively and being careless with their most prized possessions. This makes me question whether they know their worth.

Actually, the answer to that question is quite clear, they have no idea what they are worth because they haven’t been shown to value themselves. In my opinion, it’s important for girls to know that they are intelligent, capable and worthwhile. They also need to be taught that it is important to be conscious of the way they present themselves. I’m not saying that they shouldn’t be allowed to wear what they want without being judged, I’m saying they should be taught to identify the difference between someone who wants their body and someone who appreciates their intelligence, personality, opinions and values.

As the adults in their lives, it’s up to us to help our girls understand this. I talk to young girls as much as I can, stressing the importance of education and professional drive. As well as the importance of keeping themselves safe, when it comes to sex. I sometimes feel like it’s not my place to talk to them about such things but if they’ve never heard anything like that before, maybe I can help one of them realize that they are priceless and their worth is unmeasured.