I seldom feel inspired

A message to whoever may need it:

Words have power, so watch your fucking mouth.

You Are Not Alone (Micheal Jackson voice)

I have this defense mechanism that I’ve used for as long as I can remember. I will have the desire to become close to someone, develop a relationship of some sort. Then my trust issues sink in and I start to doubt their sincerity. I know all is genuine on my end but the doubt I feel from their end is what makes me call it quits.

Sometimes I think I don’t need anymore people in my life. And sometimes I feel like I’m cheating myself out of an experience of meeting new people and experiencing new things. But I look at it as; I’d rather protect myself from the start, than feel like a sucker down the line.

Damn Shame

When it comes to a romantic relationship, I’ve learned; everything my significant other was willing to do to have me, usually isn’t what they are willing to continue doing to keep me.

Negative Nancy’s

It is so easy for some to find things to complain about and hard for them to find things to be grateful for. I’m definitely an optimist and anyone that can’t see the silver lining in the clouds, is blind.