To Whoever Reads This,

Know, that I love you ❀️.


Best way to describe my life,

Beautifully organized chaos.

Looks like they’re made for each other

I came across these two pieces of art randomly within the last two weeks. I first encountered the drawing of the man, outside of a train station exit. I thought he was beautiful (imperfections & all,) and snapped a picture. A few days later, I came across a piece by Don Van Vliet (the artist formerly known as Captain Beefheart.) 

They connected in my mind. A man and a woman, smeared in each other’s direction. They just seemed like they were made for each other πŸ™ŒπŸ½. That is all.

Apology accepted.

In order for me to accept your apology, it has to include some variation of one of the following words: 

Sorry, Regret, Remorse, Apologize.


My mind has been foggy lately. There is so much going on in the world, it makes me restless. There is so much I want to do to help better people’s lives but I feel like that is impossible but I know it is possible. I have this voice inside of me that screams every time I witness an injustice but my mouth says nothing and I continue on with my day and tell myself “mind my own business, this has nothing to do with you.” But it does have something to do with me. I realized that I care about other people deeply enough to want to look out for them. In order to make energy a little less awkward, tense and aggressive and a bit more comfortable, productive and cohesive. I want “positive vibes only” lol. I want people to feel more like one unit (the human race) and less like war opponents. 

We are all made of the same cells, we may not be created equally but we are created uniquely. And instead of using what makes us different from one another to collaborate and create change, we simply ostracize each other. Let’s  focus on how alike we are and build on that feeling of understanding. I don’t believe any man/woman has the right to take the life of another man/woman because theirs can be taken just as easily. Therefore, we are all created equal. No matter religion, ethnicity, skin color, beliefs or sexual preference. People are so afraid of being themselves for fear that they will be treated negatively. That’s not what we are here for. We were created to grow, prosper and prepare the world for the next generation. We argue over the dumbest things so how could we focus long enough to fix bigger issues?!

There is so much hate in this world and the violence is nightmarish. I fear for the next generation because things have been bad in this world while I was growing up and I’ve only seen things are getting worse.  It scares me. And still, all I do is scream in my head about things I cannot accomplish. So I thought for a while about what I would tell the human race, if given the opportunity; and I came up with,”We are the top of the food chain,if things are going to change, it’s going to be up to US to get it done. No excuses.” And changing things for the better is something I know we CAN do.

P.S. I know I’ve been away for a long time but this is like my online journal that the world can see. I’m thankful to have such an outlet where I am exposed to so many and have no idea who you are but I appreciate you, whoever you are.

You Ain’t No Fortune Teller

It is amazing how you can imagine your future and that image can disintegrate over time. When you’re high off happiness, it seems like nothing can go wrong and your plans are going to work out fine. But when you come down from that high and you realize things can and will go wrong, your future starts to look very unclear.

Cuffin Season Is OVER

So , now that it’s getting warm outside, relationships are falling apart. It never fails, this time of year your relationship status is in jeopardy of changing.

People need a cuffing partner in the Fall and Winter due to the cold conditions outside; they want to remain in the house and hugged up. But in the Spring and Summer time, people want to be free to roam and mingle without looking over their shoulders and worrying about getting caught.

If I’ve just enlightened you, you’re welcome.

Group Texts Gone Wrong

So… Group messages can be a little tricky. You need to make sure whoever you include in a group text, is a willing participant and no one will get offended by any other recipient included in the text. When I publish a new post, I send out group texts to notify my contact list of the post. I do so in alphabetical order but as you can see above, my BFF did not want to be included in the same group message as another one of my contacts. In this case, my BFF responded to me in the group text and the “unwanted” party (and everyone else included in the text,) was able to see what was said. The “unwanted” party then responded and things got uncomfortable. Hilarious but uncomfortable, none the less.

Below, you will find an example where I was placed in a group text by someone (for the second time) and the other participant in that text was someone who did not have my phone number and I was not comfortable with them having my phone number. (I’m weird like that) If someone is going to have my cell phone number, let me offer it, don’t just randomly volunteer it because you’re too lazy to copy and paste to send the text separately! Ugh.

imageLesson here: Group texts should be carefully considered before pressing “Send.” The damage they do is irreversible.

Pu$$y is Power

When I was 13, my uncle told me this. He was a pimp at the time, so I didn’t take anything he said seriously, considering how he treated woman. Besides, if woman were so powerful, how was he able to use and abuse them?! It didn’t make sense to me at the time but his statement was true. I know now what he meant.

Woman have the ability to get what they want, when they want and how they want.Woman control most situations. When (good) men see a woman with a need, they aim to fulfill that need. Whether it be mentally, emotionally, physically or financially, men want to please woman and it’s because of all that woman are. Men want to be appreciated by woman because a woman’s appreciation can be expressed until the end of time.

Unfortunately, since the beginning of time, woman have used whats between their legs to show gratitude. What they have not realized is this depreciates their value. If you’re giving your vag away for a night out on the town or a few dollars, what does that say about the value you see in yourself?!? You must not think your vag is worth that much if you’re giving it away so easily. And you can’t expect a man to give you control over anything when you show such low standards. Men feel they need to control or “guide” a woman like this because she doesn’t seem to make good decisions for herself.

There are also woman who withhold the vag. These woman have accumulated interest in their vag by making potential partners invest time and attention in them. Showing their standards to be higher, they gain control of the situation. The situation is in their hands now and whatever they decide, will be. Men are confident in giving a woman like this control of the situation because they are convinced that the woman knows what she is doing. And are more likely to be supportive in her decisions.

When you give your pu$$y power away too easily, it’s kind of like you are giving away your control of a situation. You see the prostitutes my uncle was dealing with gave their pu$$y power away too easily.Β  They couldn’t control their daily lives, my uncle had to do so for them. They are now gone and forgotten. But if we value and hold onto our pu$$y power and use it for good; there will be nothing that can stop us and men will finally admit the power of the pu$$y is undeniable.

If You Knew Better, You’d Do Better

If your text includes the phrase “bother you” (i.e. Sorry to bother you or Don’t mean to bother you.) It’s obvious you know you are being a bother; so do yourself a favor and don’t bother sending the text πŸ“΅βœŒοΈ